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Badger APC and Aller MBT

Both the North and South make use of armored fighting vehicles, but while the Heavy Gear has become almost iconic throughout the leagues of Terra Nova, conventional armor is still in high demand and use. Cavalry and Armor regiments make the bulk of these formations. Cavalry regiments will use a variety of Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) or Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to carry their infantry troopers to and from contested zones. Armor regiments are considered the sledgehammer to the smaller scalpels of infantry and special-operations forces that are utilized across the leagues.

Of these armored fighting vehicles, tracked vehicles - such as conventional main battle tanks - make up the greater portion of these regiments, and while traditional methods of command and control organization have deemed it necessary to keep tanks in separate regiments from their fellows, these trends are changing swiftly with the face of war across the planet. More and more, Heavy Gears, Striders and conventional tanks are used in conjunction with one another - and with infantry - to allow them to rapidly achieve any number of objectives that would previously have been thought beyond the capabilities of a combined-arms forces approach.

Most often, tanks are split into a defining role by their weight class. The recent "Tank-Striders" introduced by the NuCoal Self Defense Force have also created a wider focus on attempting to combine the aspects of the hard-charging Striders with those of their conventional brethren, although these attempts so far remain few and far between.

The introduction of the Colonial Expeditionary Force's hovertanks has vastly changed the outlook of the Terranovan war machines, as both North and South were required to face off against the monstrous, high-speed air-cushion vehicles that carried superior firepower in the form of guided anti-tank missiles and Particle Accelerators that made them a fearsome foe to face in the open areas of the Badlands.

Listed below are some of the most common vehicles to the different leagues:

Listing of Northern Armor



Listing of Southern Armor