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Terra Nova is occupied by various factions that each possess their own philosophies towards politics, military composition, and gear design.

Confederated Northern City-States

When the oppression of the Allied Southern Territories was spreading throughout the polar regions, Northern leaders of different nations decided to band together to fight them. Thus the Confederated Northern City-States was created to combat the Southern Leagues. Religion, determination, and faith are the cornerstones of Northern society. During their lifetime they pioneered the creation of the Heavy Gear. They utilize the Northern Guard as their main backbone in the Northern military. They are composed of every citizen of the Northern Leagues. Northern-designed gears are square-shaped by design, hoping to absorb bullet fire and are usually named after mammals, mostly cats.

Northern Lights Confederacy

The Northern Lights Confederacy are the largest members of the CNCS. The Confederacy is mostly religious, starting with the religion of Revisionism, founded by Prophet Mamoud. The Confederacy's military is known as the Northern Light Armed Forces (or NorLight Armed Forces for short).

United Mercantile Federation

The United Mercantile Federation is like a corporation with money and trade playing a role in their government. The Federation created the largest company known as Northco Heavy Industries, Unlimited or better known as "Northco". Their innovations in technology were so notable they created the Hunter (which consequently lead to the Jager and other Southern-based designs) Heavy Gear for their military. Still, the Confederation remains the economic powerhouse in the North.

Western Frontier Protectorate

The weakest of the northern city-states, the Western Frontier is centered around the concept of family. Hard work and determination are commonplace in the Frontier. Even though citizens can vote, Clans and military service members are the only people who hold political power in the Protectorate.

Allied Southern Territories

Despite the Southern Leagues because called "allied", these leagues are anything but. When the Southern Republic rose to power, they would force the other states to their banner. Though the other territories allow a certain degree of freedom, as long as it does not interfere with Republic interest. Southern-styled gears appear to follow a humanoid, rounded appearance nature, with the philosophy of having bullets ricochet off the gear instead of absorbing firepower directly. Most Southern gears are named after reptiles, mostly snakes ( the word snake is also used as a derogative insult to the South).

Eastern Sun Emirates

Humanist Alliance

The Humanist Alliance devoid any type of individuality in their domain. The Humanists eschew religion and family values in favor of a better society. Their armed forces are the Humanist Alliance Protection Force (HAPF).

Mekong Dominion

Southern Republic

The Southern Republic is the true mastermind behind the Allied Southern Territories. They lead the Southern Republican Army as their main force and are known for being brutal. They do allow their captors freedom, but any type of transgression against the South will be dealt with severely.

Badlands Factions

Of all the factions that exist, the Badlands represent the dangerous aspects of the polar regions. Raiders, mercenary, bandits and smaller nations call this realm their home.

Peace River

The Peace River is the true neutral entity of the Badlands. They are noted for their manufacturing company Paxton Arms. Their army is known as the Peace Rivers Defense Force (PRDF). The bombing of Peace Rivers caused by the Colonial Expeditionary Force created a cease-fire between the Northern and Southern Leagues to unite and form the Black Talons to strike back at the CEF.

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is inhabited by the remnants of CEF forces who were left by Earth. They managed to hold Port Arthur as their new home and formed the Port Arthur Korps. They have since joined the banner of NuCoal during their time in Terra Nova.

New Coalition

Formed from other badlanders and the remaining forces from the CEF who were left behind during the failed invasion, the New Coalition, or NuCoal was formed under one banner. They are ready to defend their nation from the polar regions of the North and South.