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Prairie Dog Construction walker and Razorback Heavy Gear

A Heavy Gear (often shortened to just "Gear") is a bipedal vehicle that originated on Terra Nova. Some of the characteristics of a Heavy Gear are:

  • Single pilot
  • Humanoid Bipedal movement
  • Arms with hand-like manipulators
  • Head with various sensors, communication equipment and electronic warfare gear
  • ONNet-based computer

Vehicles that move via legs but are not humanoid (such as those with 4+ legs or reverse joints) are classified as Striders.

Other characteristics which are not universal but extremely common are:

A few Heavy Gears, like the Desert Viper, lack an SMS system. Some of the advanced, stealth Heavy Gears like the Chameleon, utilize superconducting battery packs and/or gas turbines an alternative to the V-Engine.


The Heavy Gear was originally developed just over 200 Terranovan cycles ago as a result of an action between Hardhat construction walkers and a larger military force that had been advancing on the Northern city-state of Pioneer, near the polar ice cap. The Hardhats, although woefully under-powered in most respects, were outfitted with a cobbling-together of 'Kentucky armor' and weaponry to make themselves passably aggressive enough to attack the enemy forces.

The result of the engagement, however, was surprising. Although many of the Hardhats were lost during the engagement, the enemy force was turned back from Pioneer, and it made the United Mercantile Federation re-think the way warfare should be fought on the face of the planet. Previously, walkers had almost never been used in combat. various designs for exoskeletal "powered armors" came and went, but the first truly viable combat walkers used in recorded history were those employed by the Prime Knights, the Paladin War Walkers. With the loss of that civilization, the Prime Knights' technology was lost to the rest of humanity and warfare was once again fought with conventional weapon platforms.

The UMFA, however, saw an opportunity to begin anew with a bipedal, anthropomorphic walker that would serve as a line-breaker unit that could cross through areas where their main battle tanks were unable to pass, and still be able to outgun and outmaneuver the smaller infantry forces they may encounter there. With this in mind, they initiated the BOT Project and began work on what would eventually be christened the Hunter, and the face of warfare on Terra Nova was changed permanently.

Heavy Gears have now become more than what they were thought at the beginning - many cavalrymen who stuck to ancient traditions scoffed at the idea of these 'glory boys' becoming anything more than slag on the battlefield. However, the explosive confrontation of the Hunter against several warlords in its region gave the Southern Republic pause. With this in mind, they were able to commandeer a prototype that had been given to the Western Frontier Protectorate, and then reverse-engineer the machine into the first Jäger. With this new machine, the Republic swiftly swept over the Humanist Alliance, the Eastern Sun Emirates were brought under control, and the Mekong Dominion declared a ceasefire and a truce between them.

Since then, Heavy Gears have proven time and again their usefulness in the heat of combat.

Close-up of pilot and Jaguar internal schematics

Listing of Northern Heavy Gears

Light/Scout Heavy Gears





-Black Cat

Trooper Heavy Gears






-Mad Dog


Vehicle Recognition Chart

Fire Support/Assault Heavy Gears


-Den Mother




Listing of Southern Heavy Gears

Light/Scout Heavy Gears





-Street Viper


Trooper Heavy Gears




-Desert Viper

-Black Adder


-Black Mamba


-Fer De Lance

Fire Support/Assault Heavy Gears


-Spitting Cobra

-King Cobra

Listing of Peace River Heavy Gears

Light/Scout Heavy Gears


-Pit Bull


Trooper Heavy Gears


-Warrior IV

Fire Support/Assault Heavy Gears

-Crusader Mk. IV

-Crusader Mk. V

Listing of NuCoal Heavy Gears

Light/Scout Heavy Gears


-Jerboa Paratrooper

Trooper Heavy Gears

-Chasseur Mark I

-Chasseur Mark II


Fire Support/Assault Heavy Gears