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So you want to contribute? Here are a few simple things to do.

1. Register an account on our Wiki. A registration link can be found in the top-right corner of this webpage.

2. We're starting off by populating the wiki with a breadth of fundamental information, rather than focusing on depth in one particular topic. You can find an article to work on by following links from our main index to find incomplete\uncreated articles that can be worked on. Alternatively, find articles on our Wanted Pages directory

3. When embedding images, try to keep them right-aligned. It will be a standard format we follow for this template. You can look at the formatting code for other wiki pages to get a sense of how it's done.

4. Since we want to keep a consistent feel and look, it is always a good idea to take a look at other wiki articles in the same category of content you are contributing. Just copy the formatting already used so we can get a consistent look. A page for formatting help can be found at

5. If you have questions, contact Vulix at Vulix can also be contacted on the forums.