ST-80 Ballista

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ST-80 Ballista
Vehicle name Ballista
Production code ST-80
Production type Mass Production
Manufacturer: SRWI Motor Division
Year: No reliable date recorded
Use Light Support Tank
Cost 236,600 dinars
Armor material Armoplast w/ceramite
Average armor thickness 97 mm
Primary movement mode Ground
Secondary movement mode none
Deployment range 460 km
Sensor range 2 km
Communication range 15 km
Powerplant Gas Turbine (x2)
Horsepower 670 hp (x2)
Height 2.85 meters
Length 6.09 meters
Weight 24,600 kg

The Ballista is a light armored vehicle based upon the successful Hun light tank chassis. The first machine in the “80 series, the Ballista is a close support vehicle capable of launching a swarm of unguided rockets equipped with various warheads. Its layout is conventional, with the driver in the front and the weapons officer‘s station at the rear under the large missile launcher. A sophisticated millimeter wave radar transmits target and flight data to the rocket launcher’s drive computer for extra accuracy at long range. The Ballista's main armament is the Southern Republic Weapon Industries' Dart-IV rocket launcher, an ingenious weapon composed of eight clusters of launching rails. Each cluster contains eight rockets and is automatically reloaded from an internal magazine. Thus, the Dart-IV can launch up to 64 rockets at once and contains enough ammo in its magazine for 3 more salvoes of 64 projectiles. The Ballista was manufactured in large numbers during the War of the Alliance. Terranovan commanders routinely created “death zones” with hidden Ballistas to trap unsuspecting CEF hovertanks. Even with their speed, the hovertanks could not hope to avoid the massive barrage of rockets heading their way.

Vehicle Summary

Name Code Fire Arc Qty Ammo
Very Light Rocket Pack VLRP/128 Fixed Forward 1 256
Name Effects
Amphibious Can travel over water
Autopilot Rudimentary computer control
HEAT-resistant armor
Hostile Environment Protection Desert
Reinforced Armor Front
Shielded Weapons
Sniper System Increased accuracy at long ranges
Name Effects
Annoyance Low ceiling
Name Effects
none none
Optional Equipment