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A Sagittarius-class Strider (as it appears in Heavy Gear Assault) on patrol

"Strider" is the name given to Terranovan non-anthropomorphic walker machines used as armored combat vehicles.

The first Striders were created by the Humanist Alliance, and were designed as a means of carrying heavier weapon systems than could normally be carried by Heavy Gears.

Striders are considered a middle-ground between the heavier armored fighting vehicles, like tanks, and the lighter Heavy Gears, although in recent cycles this has been challenged by the appearance of the aptly-dubbed 'Gear-Strider'. That being said, Striders are still some of the tougher targets to take out due to the fact that they are capable of traversing terrain that tankers would not normally enter, while carrying heavier firepower and armor than a standard trooper Heavy Gear like the Hunter or the Jäger.


The Damocles is a Northern Strider derived from the Mammoth chassis, designed for long-range fire-support roles. The Strider is armed with a large-bore artillery cannon, backed-up by two laser cannons (which double as protection against air strikes and counter-battery fire) and two heavy machine guns.

Fire Dragon


Of the Striders that are currently in use, one of the most imposing would be the Humanist-designed Fire Dragon, a six-legged monstrosity that carries a crew of three and has an upgraded fire control system capable of landing shots far more accurately than would otherwise be possible.

The Fire Dragon's most common armaments include a massive 48-tube 90mm rocket launcher mounted on a dorsal turret to provide 360-degree coverage, twinned 20mm chainguns covering the flanks, a forward-facing flamer, and a 7mm anti-missile system to fend off counter-battery fire.

The Fire Dragon is neither the largest Strider (the Northern Thunderhammer is taller, wider, and heavier), nor is it the most ubiquitous (the Naga-class Strider from the Southern Republic, as well as the Northern Mammoth, hold that distinction).



The Mammoth is a bipedal Northern Strider armed with eight anti-tank missiles and a 90mm Snub Cannon in its arm mounts, while also carrying a pair of 'light' 7mm machine guns for anti-personnel use, and a larger 30mm rotary cannon used to deal with mid-weight targets, like Heavy Gears.

Despite its impressive firepower, the Mammoth was never intentionally meant to close with enemies, instead hanging back and allowing smaller units to tag hard targets for its complement of missiles, while the snub cannon and autocannon provided it with the firepower necessary to ensure that anybody head-hunting the unit would be severely overwhelmed.

The Mammoth was introduced by Hartmore Motors in TN 1848, and has since become the most common Strider employed by the Northern Guard and the individual militaries of the CNCS member leagues, and a number of specialized variants have been produced to fill various battlefield roles.


The Mastodon is a next-generation Northern Strider intended to supplement - and ultimately replace - the Mammoth in the Strider regiments of the Northern Guard and the individual Northern militaries.

The Mastodon superficially resembles the Mammoth; both were designed and built by Hartmore Motors, with the former being based on the design of the latter. The Mastodon carries a Very Heavy Autocannon in place of the Mammoth's Anti-Tank Missile launcher, and retains the Snub Cannon in the other arm. The Medium Autocannon and Light Machine Guns were also removed, and replaced with a Fragmentation Cannon (mounted in the dorsal turret previously occupied by the autocannon) and a Heavy Grenade Launcher (mounted in the left-torso weapon mount previously occupied by a machine gun).


The Naga is a rapid-response Strider for the South. Its eight anti-tank missiles are carried in shoulder pods on the top of the hull, while its single 30mm autocannon is slung underneath its chin in a helicopter-style mount that provides it with closer-range fire capabilities. Its armor is thinner than that of the Mammoth, but the Naga is faster and can squat into a wheeled configuration, turning it into a low-slung "Strider-tank".

Red Bull

The Red Bull is a heavyweight, quadrupedal artillery Strider built and employed by the Peace River Defense Force that served during the War of the Alliance. The primary - and only - weapons mounted on the Red Bull are twinned artillery cannons.


A complement to the Naga, the Sagittarius is another development of the Humanist Alliance, and it presents itself as one of the premier models for the Humanist Alliance Protection Force, the rank-and-file of whom guard the Alliance. Although it was initially designed as a simple long-range artillery unit, the Sagittarius swiftly became the golden child of many different projects within the ranks of the preceptors, and it has grown to be a fearsome machine all its own.


The Thunderhammer is a massive quadrupedal Strider employed by the Northern Guard and the individual militaries of the Northern leagues. Designed to fill fire-support roles, the Thunderhammer's armaments consist of a 120mm smoothbore field gun, backed up by a 40mm rotary cannon, a 36-tube 71mm rocket launcher, and a 27mm anti-personnel grenade launcher.